How it all Started


The beginning......

Having a true passion for travel, fitness and a positive mindset along with knowing the stress and pressures people go through in everyday life I was open to creating something that would combine everything, something that would have an impact on peoples lives.

February 2017 I was training with my good friend and 11 x World Muay Thai Champion Nathan Corbett on the Gold Coast, Australia, we expressed some ideas together and I asked Nathan to come on board with my vision and we decided to set up the first Ultimate Warrior Retreat in the Island of the Gods Bali, Indonesia.

This retreat would  bring people from all over to an amazing paradise destination where they would learn the arts of Muay Thai and the wisdom from a world champion along with yoga, meditation and mindset development, learning how the body and mind works together in sync when given the correct environments and learning's.

The 7 day retreat was a huge success with each and every participant having amazing personal breakthroughs throughout the retreat, the Ultimate Warrior was born.

Knowing and understanding the impact this combination of martial arts, mindfulness & well being  was having with people and the transformations that the participants were having the ultimate goal was now to build on this and create the Ultimate Warrior Group where we could continue the journey on helping people throughout the world become physically and mentally stronger together.